Annual Inspection

5 years inspection

Maintenance plan

Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation and structural maintenance

Crane Replacement

Changing the Hydraulic Cylinder

Replacement of Hydraulic Hoses

Upgrade and Modernization

Flushing in the Hydraulic System

Slewing Gear Inspection

Supply of spare parts

Maintenance and certification of blocks

Torque and tension Turntable screws

Wire rope Exchange

Electromagnetic Inspection of Wire Rope

Balance Test

Load Test

CPLC, MIPEG and SLI Calibration

IRATA Supervisors, Technicians and Inspectors

Our goal is to improve your machine operational lifetime to meet your needs. Testtorque's services cover all Offshore, Ship and Port guides. We are recognized as strong maintenance specialists, our inspections are complete and more efficient, which means that you obtain a high standard of quality and reduce costs. We care about your machine and want you to experience continuous, safe and reliable operation for as long as possible.