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The regulatory standard of the Ministry of Labor NR12 has in its annex XII the definition of the Rigging Plan. Being the detailed and formalized planning of a cargo movement with a crane. It indicates, through the study of the load to be lifted, the cranes and mooring accessories suitable for the task, efforts exerted on the floor where the equipment will be positioned, wind action, aerial and underground interference, layout of the operation area, among others ... what is the best solution to make a certain lift in the safest and most efficient way, optimizing the resources applied in the operation (equipment, accessories, area preparation, etc.), avoid accidents and time losses during the lifting operations. The NR12 standard has a specific item (12,132) recommending the mandatory planning of operations for services involving the risk of accidents at work on machines and equipment, carried out in accordance with work and safety procedures, under the supervision and express consent of a qualified professional. or qualified, as long as authorized.

Another standard is NR18, which has item (, which determines that the implantation and operation of hoisting equipment must be provided for in a document called “Cargo Plan”.